It’s great to discover that you have money in your name, even if you didn’t know it. It’s like finding $5 in your old jeans. But better!

The U.S. Treasury Department has billions in unclaimed money. Oklahoma holds around $500 million.

We will help you find the assets and unclaimed money if you believe a relative has left them some assets.

What is Unclaimed Money in Oklahoma?

What is Unclaimed Money in Oklahoma

Unclaimed money is the term for funds that have not been collected by their rightful owners and are therefore given to the government after a specified period.

Oklahoma holds approximately $585 million worth of unclaimed property. It also pays over a thousand property claims each month.

Although the average claim amount is less than $1,000 there are cases in which people have recovered more than $10,000. If you think there may be unclaimed money, this is an important piece of information.

How can people lose track of their money?

Money is something people stress about constantly. So how can it be left unclaimed?

It’s not as strange as it appears. If there is no activity from the owner, property is considered unclaimed and the state cannot contact the owner.

Here are some reasons money disappears:

Oklahoma has many types of unclaimed property

The Oklahoma State Treasurer handles unclaimed property in Oklahoma.

This information is vital because:

  1. If you are a business owner, you need to know where to turn any unclaimed property, such as if an employee fails to collect their last paycheck.
  2. If you have abandoned any property, whether voluntary or not, and are interested in finding it,

Diverse assets can be considered unclaimed property

Oklahoma property can be presumed abandoned if it is not collected within five years. The dormancy period for different types of property can vary. You can see the differences in the following table.

Types of unclaimed property Dormancy Period
Wages/Payroll 1 Year
Salaries 1 Year
Unredeemed gift certificates 5 years
Orders for non-bank money 7 years

The state will turn over the property to the state after the period of dormancy ends. This makes it harder to claim.

You can track unclaimed money in Oklahoma on your own

If you are just starting to learn the process, it can be difficult to conduct an unclaimed property search. The good news is that the Oklahoma State Treasurer manages the unclaimed property program, the OK Treasure.

Below is a table that shows you how to reach them and what information they have available.

In Person/Via Letter 2300 N Lincoln Blvd, Room 217, Oklahoma City
Telefonische Anrufe 405-521-4273

This step-by-step guide will explain how to find and claim your missing money.

  1. Open OK Treasure website
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Enter Here button
  3. Start with your last name. Add more information until you reach the search results. (This can include your middle and first names, your city, zip code and more).
  4. To claim your property, fill out this form
  5. All documentation required
  6. To begin the claim process, confirm your information

UnclaimedMoney allows you to search for unclaimed money in Oklahoma

UnclaimedMoney makes it easy to find unclaimed money. You can use the Missing Money feature to locate money that is missing, regardless of whether it was lost due to administrative errors or inherited from a relative.

This is the most efficient and fastest way to find unclaimed property. It doesn’t require any additional paperwork or your Social Security Number.

These instructions will help you quickly retrieve your funds.

  1. Open the Missing Money section
  2. In the required field, enter your full name and any previous addresses

Next, we’ll search various state and federal databases. But don’t worry, the search is fully automated and we will do all the work.

Claim My Property allows you to claim any unclaimed property that is in your name.

Unclaimed Property Scammers: A Guide to Steering Clear

All money-related issues are guaranteed to attract con men. This is a huge opportunity, so don’t be surprised if your target for a scam involving unclaimed property. These include identity theft and telephone frauds.

These are some tips to avoid falling for scammers:

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