Unclaimed Money Arkansas

Unclaimed Money Arkansas

What Is Arkansas Unclaimed Money?

In Arkansas, the term “unclaimed” refers to property or money that was unclaimed for a significant amount of time. It covers checking and savings accounts as well as insurance proceeds, commissions and bonds, wages and bank deposits for utility companies, cashier’s cheques as well as money orders, and items in safe deposit boxes.
Typically, companies and government agencies report large sums of money that have passed through their dormancy time to their governing government as unclaimed money. The state then takes temporary control of the funds (a procedure referred to by the term the escheatment) until the owner is able to make claims.
Arkansas-based companies, as well as insurance companies, financial institutions, and other entities, are required under the Arkansas Unclaimed Money Act to submit funds that have not been claimed in the Arkansas Auditor’s Office.

How To Find Unclaimed Money Arkansas?

The Arkansas Auditor’s Office has the Unclaimed Property database, which the public can access to locate unclaimed money within the limits of the state. The agency also prepares an official list of unclaimed assets which are worth more than $25 that have been unclaimed for longer than two decades. The list (called a Finder File) is available in the form of a PDF file that is compressed. Anyone who wants to find Arkansas unclaimed property is able to purchase the list for $25 with a credit card.
After paying for the document, the customer will be sent the link to download it via email. (The link usually expires within two weeks.) Then, they are able to look over the file to determine if they own any properties that are not claimed in Arkansas.
It is important to note that there are many websites that are third-party and are able to look up the unclaimed cash from Arkansas.

How to claim unclaimed money in Arkansas

Arkansas law mandates that government agencies and business report any property that is not claimed in the Arkansas Auditor’s Unclaimed Property (UCP) Division every year. In order to help reconnect the owners of funds that are not claimed with their cash, the office of the state auditor has a database that is accessible to the public, which individuals can use to find and claim funds that are unclaimed in Arkansas. Below are the guidelines for submitting a claim:
Find the money: This is the first step for anyone who wants to claim money that was not claimed in Arkansas. Individuals who are interested can input their last names or company names into the database of auditors in order to look for unclaimed funds. Users can also enter their initial name or city, ZIP code, or property ID to narrow the search results. After that, the user is able to choose the property they are interested in and file a claim for the property.
Upload claim-related documents after the submission of a claim; a person must upload the documents that support their claim on their auditor’s site. These documents are typically listed on the form for submitting claims. In certain situations, the claimant is required to submit their original documentation to the auditor by mail or in person instead of online.
Claimants must comply with certain guidelines when uploading the documents online:
  • The documents should be in the format that is standard for formats such as PDF TIF, PNG, or JPG format.
  • The file of the individual cannot exceed 10MB, but it must be larger than 1 byte
  • Names for files must be less than 100 characters long and include letters, dashes, underscores, numbers, and letters.
  • uploaded documents cannot be protected by passwords
  • Individuals are required to take care to crop the images in order to be sized to the requirements of the document.
  • Active email should be provided to upload claim documentation.
Verify the status of the claim. An ID for a claim is generated following the submission of an unclaimed claim in Arkansas. The claimant can enter the number on the state auditor’s website for unclaimed property to confirm whether their claim is in the process of being approved.

How Do I Find Unclaimed Money For Free in Arkansas?

Anyone who is interested in finding the unclaimed funds free of charge through the database of unclaimed property that is maintained by Arkansas’ State Auditor’s Office. Users won’t be charged any fees to find unclaimed funds or to file claims.
In addition, several federal agencies keep unclaimed funds until the proper owners or heirs have the right to claim the funds. They maintain databases online that interested individuals can browse to locate funds or assets that are not claimed in Arkansas at no cost. A few of these funds are:
Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds
In some cases, United States residents overpay federal taxes. In this case, the IRS takes the amount that the taxpayer should have paid and then refunds the rest. But, the refund could be denied due to a variety of reasons.
An Arkansas resident is able to check the IRS Unclaimed Refunds Database to determine if they’ve not claimed tax refunds. When they discover the funds, the person is able to file a claim through the website or visit the closest IRS Office in Arkansas to learn more or call for help by dialing (800) 829-1040.

How long does it take to get unclaimed money in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Auditor’s office tries to deal with claims for unclaimed funds in Arkansas as fast as possible. So those who have submitted the claim along with all the required documents will receive a check for the value of the claim within 7 to 10 days.

Can you claim unclaimed money from deceased relatives in Arkansas

Only a person who dies as an heir or surviving family member, executor, and a court-appointed probate administrator, can claim unclaimed funds in Arkansas. However, applicants must submit evidence to prove their claim. The documents required are typically included in the claim form that is sent by the person claiming. After the office of the state auditor receives the claim form along with any supporting documents and documents, its Unclaimed Property Division will process the funds and issue an official check.

Is There Unclaimed Money In Your Name?

The government may have as much as $58 billion in unclaimed money. Find out if some of it may belong to you or someone you know!