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Unclaimed Money Mississippi
Like most other states, Mississippi exempts certain categories of property from its Unclaimed Money, including houses, cars, and boats. Money and stocks are examples of unclaimed property. You can check through land records stored at local County Courthouses to identify unclaimed or abandoned land. Unclaimed money is a term that refers to property that, if found, would be returned in the form of cash or a negotiable instrument, such as a check.
If the money holder has been unable to contact the property’s owner for five years, the property is designated as unclaimed. On the other hand, Holders are only obliged to file claims every third year in the fall. This means the property could be identified as unclaimed but not reported for nearly three years. This is in contrast to several states, which require holders to submit annual reports.

How much unclaimed money is Mississippi?

While Mississippi does not disclose how much money is now in its unclaimed property program, it has helped people recover more than $170 million in lost goods since it began in 1982. Many states do not reveal how much money is available because the numbers change when money is claimed, and holders file new unclaimed money reports.
The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), which is dedicated to helping property owners identify and claim their lost or abandoned property, can give you an indication of how much money is available countrywide. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators estimates that there is now $42 billion in unclaimed property in the United States.
You can start your search on that page by typing a name. You can search for a property using a business name, a surname name solely, or a first and last name combination.
We’re looking for a finder named Bob Smith who has a common name for this tutorial. We use the same name for all of our tutorials to make it easier for you to compare how-to information across states and apply what you learn in one to your searches in other states. Furthermore, we chose to choose a trendy name because looking for prevalent words can have certain drawbacks. We wish to make you aware of them and provide you with advice on avoiding them so that your search goes as smoothly as possible. One of the biggest potential hazards with a common name like Bob Smith is that you’ll obtain too many favorable search results.
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