(WOLO) COLUMBIA, unclaimed money sc  All around South Carolina, there is unclaimed property worth more than 750 million dollars. 615,000 new properties, according to the South Carolina State Treasurer, have been reported to the state’s unclaimed property programme. To see if there is money available, visit treasurer.sc.gov, says state treasurer Curtis Loftis, who also encourages people, corporations, charities, schools, and organisations to do so.

As required by law, persons must return money, stocks, bonds, inheritances, and any other intangible property that does not belong to them.

unclaimed money scunclaimed money sc According to Loftis

The office serves as a custodian for the unclaimed money sc, and according to Loftis, it is being used while it is being stored safely. We invest that money because we receive and expend funds on a daily basis.

We provide the General Assembly a sizable portion of some of the older funds that we might not be able to identify the owners of so that they might construct roads, schools, or other things.

According to Treasurer Loftis, the office frequently tells tales of people who have made substantial claims, like those for $1 million, but actually, any sum is a wonderful surprise.

“A single mother of three children may well cry if you give her $300. This is how a grandma who lives alone and doesn’t have a car will pay for her medication for three months.

It’s challenging to comprehend the impact on people when they discover funds they were unaware they possessed, adds Loftis. He advises visitors to the website to do so at least twice a year.

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