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What is Unclaimed Money Fonds in Vermont And How to Claim It [Pro Tips]

Vermont Unclaimed Money

Vermont Unclaimed Money: waiting for you just a few fingers away. The Unclaimed Property Division, State Treasurer Office maintains a database of more than 760,000 assets that are unclaimed in Vermont. It is worth over $99 million. In 2020, the Division processed around 17,600 claims were processed and approximately $4.7 million was returned to the rightful owners.

UnclaimedMoney can quickly find out if you think you might have unclaimed funds.

What are Unclaimed Funds?

Unclaimed property refers to any financial asset that its owner does not claim. The government claims property if it is not claimed within a specified period.

The government will not take custody of property during the dormancy period. Money is still with an insurance company or bank. The dormancy period in most states lasts five years.

What is Unclaimed Money in VT

The Vermont State Treasurer’s Office holds a variety of unclaimed assets. In general, unclaimed properties include:

  • Payroll checks not cashed
  • Unclaimed deposit certificates
  • Traveler’s checks that have not been cashed
  • Overpayments by customers that are not refunded
  • Bank accounts that are lost or forgotten
  • Unclaimed inheritance
  • Unrefunded security deposit
  • Unclaimed stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Safe deposit boxes – Lost contents

How can Money go missing?

Even though we tend to pay attention to our Money, sometimes it is lost. The assets don’t go away forever. You can still claim them once they are discovered.

Here’s how Money disappears in most cases:

  • If an account holder dies, you can claim their assets. However, this is something you need to be aware of.
  • You move, but you must remember to register a forwarding address (especially if you need a security deposit back).
  • The government often forgets and abandons bank accounts after a few years. In most cases, it is five years.

There are many reasons people don’t claim their missing funds.

It begs the obvious question: How can someone not claim the Money they are entitled to? These are some of the most common reasons:

  • This Money is not known to exist by most people.
  • They don’t know where to find the Money
  • Many people need to learn how they can claim their Money.
  • They don’t want the hassle of paying for nickels or dimes.

UnclaimedMoney makes it easy to find your Money unclaimed and saves you the hassle of claiming it.

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