The State of Hawaii administers the Unclaimed Property Program under Chapter 523A of Hawaii Revised Statutes. This program is responsible for collecting and holding in custodial custody abandoned or dormant property that has been “held”. The Unclaimed Property Program is a free public service that returns property to the rightful owners.

If property in the possession of a holder is not claimed or claimed by the owner within the time period set out for that particular type of property in Chapter 523A of HRS, it is considered abandoned. Holders must send a notice to the last known address of an owner informing them that any unclaimed property will go to the State Unclaimed Property Program. Unclaimed property will be forfeited to the State Unclaimed Property Program if an owner fails to contact them to claim the property, or if they are unable to contact them.

Examples of unclaimed personality are:

Unclaimed property does next do not include:

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