Unclaimed Money NC: The U.S. Treasury Department has billions of dollars in unclaimed money that it collects from states. These funds are received by the North Carolina State Treasurer’s Office from a variety of sources, including unclaimed insurance checks and dormant bank account accounts when institutions can’t locate their rightful owners.

Many people don’t know how much money they have, and it goes unclaimed. We can help you locate and claim any money that you believe was left by a relative or if you are unsure if you have insurance not claimed.

UnclaimedMoney is the fastest way to claim your North Carolina cash and other property!

What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed Money NC

Unclaimed property or money refers to assets that the government has collected in the event the rightful owner does not claim them. It is not uncommon for people to leave their money unclaimed.

In these cases, the money could disappear:

The time period between the last contact with the owner and when the holder must turn it over to the state is called dormancy. It generally lasts five years. However, it can vary from one state to the next. The dormancy period in North Carolina is different for all types of property.

Check the following table to see how it can differ:

Type of Property Dormancy Period
Wages, payroll, or salary One year
Checking and savings accounts Five years
Money orders Seven years
Safe deposit boxes Two years
Dividends Three years
Traveller’s checks 15 years
Utility deposits and refunds One year
Certificates of deposit 10 years
Life insurance matured Three years

If the owner fails to collect assets during the dormancy period, they will be considered abandoned and taken into state custody.

Types of unclaimed property in North Carolina

Some assets cannot become unclaimed property no matter how long they have been unsupervised. Some of these assets include vehicles and real estate. It is most likely not a house or car if you discover that there is unclaimed property. You can also claim a number of other assets:

North Carolina Unclaimed Property and North Carolina Cash–How to Find Them On Your Own

It can be difficult to find unclaimed money. The federal government is not willing to assist. You won’t find a centralized database to help you narrow your search. You can try using the North Carolina unclaimed property database to narrow down your search.

Here’s how to find and get your North Carolina treasurer money:

  1. Visit the North Carolina Department of State Treasury website
  2. Click on Search for Property
  3. Enter your last name or the name of your company.
  4. To narrow your search, enter the zip code or city.
  5. Search by Press
  6. Click here to view Claimed Properties
  7. If you have found your property, click Claim Document Upload to upload the necessary documentation
  8. Additional information?
  9. Submit your request by clicking here

The Claim Status section on the website allows you to monitor the status and progress of your claim.

The process can seem a bit complicated, and if you wondered how else you could find unclaimed money, take a look at the following table:

Methods of Finding Unclaimed Money Yes/No
North Carolina Treasurer Website Yes
Email No
Phone No
Letter No
UnclaimedMoney Yes

UnclaimedMoney Can Help You Find Unclaimed Money In North Carolina

UnclaimedMoney can help you claim assets that you believe are not yours.

Our Missing Money product makes it easy to search all U.S. federal and state databases. We will take care of the tedious work.

You can immediately claim your money by visiting UnclaimedMoney using your favorite web browser. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Get Missing Money
  2. To help us locate all your assets, please enter personal information such as your middle name or previous addresses.
  3. If you have found assets to that you are entitled, you can select Claim My Property.

Don’t worry about sharing your Social Security Number. It is not required with our service. We will file a property claim for you and do all the legwork. You are responsible for collecting the money and spending it.

Here’s how to avoid unclaimed money scams

Scammers are quick to act when there is money involved. It’s better to be safe than sorry and learn how to avoid scammers immediately.

They usually work in one of two ways with unclaimed property:

When someone offers you money, it’s easy to forget to be cautious. Remember that it’s possible to make a good deal of money by believing rumors. This type of email is best ignored.

Avoid such con artists and only use reliable methods to locate unclaimed money, such as UnclaimedMoney or the North Carolina Treasury Department.

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