Unclaimed Money In KS: The United States has more than $50 Billion that is unclaimed. Some of this might be yours!

There are many ways to find out if you have any unclaimed money. You need to know the details of each State’s rules for obtaining unclaimed property. We’ll tell you how to find unclaimed money in Kansas.

What falls into the Kansas Category of Unclaimed money?

Unclaimed Money KSUnclaimed money refers to money that is not claimed and is considered abandoned. Kansas holds as high as $187 million worth of unclaimed property.

The funds are transferred to the Kansas State Treasurer if banks or other businesses fail to locate the rightful owner.

Unclaimed money will remain there until someone with the right comes along to claim it.

There are many reasons money can go missing.

How can no one own billions of dollars? They did belong to someone, and they are now owned by someone else. You need to find out if they are yours and then go and claim them. For example, you could be eligible for unclaimed money left behind by a deceased relative.

The table below shows the most common reasons that money can be lost.

Types of Kansas Unclaimed Money

Many lose track of their bank accounts, stocks, and other assets. This could happen to anyone. The State Treasurer should do all they can to assist the rightful owners or heirs in obtaining unclaimed assets in Kansas.

These are the most commonly unclaimed assets in this State:

Is there a way to prevent money from becoming unclaimed property?

There are many ways to ensure that your assets don’t become unclaimed. These general rules can be applied to all states.

Although no one can guarantee that your assets will be safe or protected from being unclaimed, these tips can help to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Kansas has a time limit for claiming money.

The money can be claimed by the owners or inheritors of the assets at any time. The funds can be claimed at any time except the following:

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas on Your Own

There are several options available if you search for unclaimed Kansas money that could be yours. For example, some institutions provide the ability to search for your social security number. Look at the table below for your options in Kansas.

Is it possible to search for unclaimed money in Kansas?

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas Online

You will need the following information if you want to search online for unclaimed assets:

  1. Visit the Kansas State Treasurer’s website.
  2. Enter the following information:
  3. Last or business name
  4. Optional: First name or initial
  5. Optional: Middle name or initial
  6. Please check that I have read the Property Search Disclaimer.
  7. Choose GO

If you are entitled to claim these assets, a list should be made.

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas via Email

These steps will allow you to verify if you have unclaimed funds via email.

  1. Send an email
  2. All the important information about you should be included
  3. Please explain why you are reaching out to the State Treasurer
  4. Send the email to unclaimed@treasurer.ks.gov
  5. Wait for their reply and follow-up instructions

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas Using the Phone

Call 785-296-4165 to find out if Kansas has unclaimed assets. You can tell customer service representatives the reason for your call and ask them if they can search for unclaimed assets using your name of yours.

How to Look For Kansas Unclaimed Money By Mail

You can also search for unclaimed assets in Kansas. To do this, send a letter to Kansas State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division at 900 SW Jackson, Suite 200, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235. Be sure to tell them why you are contacting them and ask them to search for any unclaimed money.

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