You are a California resident and want to know how to claim your SMUD Rebate. Sacramento Municipal Utility District is much more than an electricity company or power provider. Community members founded SMUD with a keen eye for transitioning to renewable resources.

To claim yours, where should you go? Customers enjoy the lowest utility rates in California because SMUD is the sixth-largest community-owned electricity provider in the country. SMUD offers a variety of incentives, discounts, and rebates as part of its larger initiative to go green.

Many cost-saving options are available to you, whether you’re looking for SMUD energy rebates or SMUD dishwasher discounts. It can be challenging to figure out how to claim your savings. We’ll help you get started. Keep reading; you may decide that UnclaimedMoney is the best way to handle your rebates program claims.

What are SMUD Rebates Available Now?

SMUD Unclaimed Money

SMUD discounts and others are easily found on the website. There are also disclaimers. One reminds customers that SMUD rebates are “subject to funding availability.” Some require submissions from qualified contractors. Many SMUD rebates are available based on insulation, HVAC, appliances, and other factors.

These rebates can be very substantial. Here are some examples:

Item Rebate
Multi-stage electric, HVAC gas-to-electric conversions $3,000
Heat Pump, gas-to-electric $3,000
Go Electric Bonus or panel upgrade $2,500
Induction cooktops and ranges $100 – $750
Additional TECH Clean California rebates could equal a combined rebate total of $4,800

When securing your SMUD discount, be aware of the FAQ section and other fine print.

How to tell if you are eligible

You may have additional eligibility requirements depending on what type of purchase you make or how energy-efficient your investment is. To be eligible for the SMUD rebate, you must be a homeowner or resident with an active SMUD account. The home must also have SMUD metered directly. Additionally, the project must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances.

Where can I find Rebate Forms?

Although you can find all the relevant information about SMUD rebates or incentives online, contacting your SMUD contractor is recommended to get your application.

How to get answers to your SMUD Rebate questions

Depending on the type of purchase, you may have questions regarding your specific SMUD rebate. Customers can email the Rebate Center at or call (916) 732-7550. Contact Advanced Home Solutions at (916) 732-7550.

Other SMUD Services

SMUD also offers a variety of programs and services to support its mission of energy efficiency, green renewability, and sustainability. Another popular service is refrigerator recycling. Call (866) 901-75353 to schedule your no-contact, free pick-up for any refrigerator or freezer.

How to Apply For Any SMUD Rebate

It is easy to follow the steps required to secure your SMUD rebate.

  1. Select a participating SMUD Contractor Network provider
  2. Install your appliance or unit qualifying for purchase
  3. Ask your contractor about the rebate application
  4. Send the completed application back to the contractor with your authorization.
  5. Wait for your rebate.

Sometimes, your contractor may offer to give you the rebate upfront and collect it from SMUD. It could be difficult if you don’t request the rebate or if you have to chase down the SMUD rebate later. In these cases, you will still need to locate an application to submit. You could end up with a lot of hassle, not to mention the wait time.

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