I still get emails. It’s been four years. People often ask me to find their unclaimed money. This is how I know that my ” Good Morning America” series where we reunited viewers and their unclaimed money had an impact. In past articles, I have shown you where to look for unclaimed funds. Let me now show you how, step by step. This is a quick and simple way to make sure you have covered everything.

How to Search for Unclaimed Money in 3 Easy Steps

How to Search Unclaimed Money

1. Find the state in which you reside.

Next, go to MissingMoney.com. Fill out your name and state. This is the place to start. Unclaimed funds will usually be held in your area. Click “go” to see if this first effort yields any hits. Continue to step 2 if your state is not participating in this site.

2. Search multiple States.

After you have searched your home state, a box will appear at the top of MissingMoney.com that says “Search all States and Provinces.” It allows you to search only 39 states, plus the District of Columbia, some territories, and Canadian provinces.

Not all U.S. states participate in this search. This is crucial because unclaimed money can sometimes be held in the same state you once lived or the state where the company is located. Hit “Go” again to see what you discover.

3. Search for other states.

For a more thorough search, you can use MissingMoney to access the 11 states that aren’t participating. Suppose you have lived in Arkansas, California or Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia and Hawaii, as well as Oregon, South Carolina, In that case, this is something you should do. Unclaimed.org is the place to go (NOTE: This is.org, NOT.com). Click on a state to be taken to its unclaimed money page.

After completing these three steps, you can see any unclaimed accounts you can claim by following the instructions. You’re right! Guess what? I found a minor gift certificate for myself while writing this column! An unutilized gift certificate.

It is possible to make small claims online. More extensive claims may require proof and hard copy documentation. Please comment below to let me know how this 3-step process works for your situation. Good luck!

Elisabeth Leamy has been a consumer advocate for 20 years and is featured on programs like “Good Morning America” or “The Dr. Oz Show.” She is also the author of Save BIG and The Savvy Consumer.

Elisabeth is also an accomplished speaker who talks about career success, media relations, and saving money. Elisabeth loves to hear from readers and share her top stories. Please visit her Facebook, Twitter, or website to send your thoughts.

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