North carolina unclaimed property  – North Carolinians’ nearly lost $1 billion is being sought for by State Treasurer Dale Folwell.

North Carolinians can check  to discover whether any of the $919 million in unclaimed property is theirs by searching their name or business name.

North carolina unclaimed property Financial instruments North carolina unclaimed property Financial instruments 

Financial instruments like rent or utility payments that someone may have forgotten to claim or unpaid insurance policy payouts are examples of North carolina unclaimed property.

It may also refer to tangible artefacts, such as those that were turned over to the state after being discovered in abandoned lockboxes.

When you are able to return some life insurance funds to a person who didn’t know they were the beneficiary, in particular, Folwell said, “some of this money results in a life-changing event.”

When the banks are unable to identify the true owners of abandoned lockboxes, the contents of those lockboxes also

The state has received a variety of unclaimed treasures, including valuables and sentimental objects like marathon medals, combat medals, and vintage baseball cards.

Although Folwell’s office makes every effort to locate the legitimate owners of these goods, sometimes they are unable to be located, and the items wind up being left unclaimed for years.

Although there are unclaimed items and artefacts, the Unclaimed Property Division primarily returns cash.

How much unclaimed property there is in Southeast North Carolina is depicted in the grid below

In fiscal year 2021, the Unclaimed Property Division was able to return a record-breaking $70.4 million because to the relatively new and user-friendly online match programme  Folwell predicts that during the fiscal year 2022, we will surpass that figure.

“We could actually be able to double that amount this year. The fact that we are doing a better job of collecting this money from the financial companies that owe it to us is even more significant, he added.

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