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PA Unclaimed Money: There is still almost $4 billion

pa unclaimed money

(WHTM) HARRISBURG, pa unclaimed money Pennsylvanians received more than $135 million in unclaimed funds from the Treasury last year. Pennsylvania still has unclaimed property worth more than $4 billion.

According to Pennsylvania’s unclaimed property statute, which mandates businesses to deliver property to Treasury after a specific amount of time, often three years, money is sent to the state’s Treasury as unclaimed property.

pa unclaimed money can consist of various items, such as inactive bank accounts, uncashed cheques, forgotten stocks, insurance policies, tangible items like the contents of closed safe deposit boxes, and more.

pa treasurer unclaimed money Egg Hunt PA treasurer unclaimed money Egg Hunt

pa treasurer unclaimed money Stacy Garrity compared looking Finding money that is owed to you, a family member, or a friend is incredibly easy. Chances are excellent that you’ll find anything because approximately one in ten Pennsylvanians are due unclaimed property.

Whether it’s some additional money or a long-lost family heirloom, we want to return it to you.

After approximately three years, tangible property may be auctioned; however, any proceeds will be held in perpetuity until an owner is identified.

Treasury makes a concerted effort to locate veterans and their families in order to reunite them with these treasured tokens of service. Military decorations and mementos are never put up for auction.

pa unclaimed money is owed to one in ten Pennsylvanians, and the typical claim is for $1,500

These objects are not merely made of gold. They are recollections. One item, a necklace given to Janise by her late father, was something she dearly wanted her daughter to have.

“My dad gave it to me as a fresh beginning for us when we started our life here,” the woman remarked.

It will be a present for her, for her to take along with her, along with this ring of my grandmother, for new beginnings for her.”

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