The state of Pennsylvania holds over four billion dollars in unclaimed property. In fact, the City of Philadelphia raked in the lion’s share, or at least the big fish, a tidy sum of six million dollars.

That being said, no one has yet figured out the where it came from. As such, you can reclaim your hard earned money if you know where to look. A quick online search should turn up all the answers.

One nifty thing you could do is take the opportunity to do some of your own shopping. There are plenty of shops around the city to peruse, most of which are within walking distance of your home or office.

Some even offer a free delivery service for that extra swagger factor. Or perhaps you’d rather have a few beers, dinner, and a movie. Regardless of the destination, the rewards are well worth the trek. Plus you won’t have to pay for parking or valet. After all, who wants to schlep their car to the nearest garage?

Of course, not all cities are created equal. For instance, you might not be eligible for the same benefits if you live in Manhattan, where the perks are more akin to a small town in the hinterlands.

You might also have to deal with a less than favorable tax rate if you’re from the Bay area or Boston. On the other hand, a nice area of Brooklyn might be closer to the promised land than you think.

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