The amount of unclaimed money in the United States is in the billions. If you have ever lived in Wyoming, you might be eligible for a portion of this money. Wyoming residents received more than 8,000 checks in 2020 from the Unclaimed Property Division, State Treasurer’s Office. This amount was more than $5 Million.

Many people give up trying to find the unclaimed assets that they are entitled to because of the complicated paperwork and search procedures. However, there is no reason to stop looking for them. UnclaimedMoney will help you find your Wyoming money that has been lost within minutes. It doesn’t matter what kind of money it is, such as unclaimed insurance money or inheritance from deceased relatives.

How is Unclaimed Property defined in Wyoming?

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It doesn’t mean that you have abandoned or left behind money or assets after moving to another state. Many people are reluctant to give up their possessions, particularly money.

Unclaimed property is usually due to forgetfulness or neglect of small amounts that are not possible to collect. Unclaimed assets can be caused by:

The Office of the State Treasurer is Wyoming’s main institution for handling unclaimed property. Wyoming’s Uniform Unclaimed Property Act of 2011, Wyoming Statutes Title 34 Chapter 24, governs unclaimed money matters in Wyoming.

Wyoming recognizes many types of property as unclaimed assets, provided that the responsible party reports them to unclaimed property program within the prescribed period. The good news? Anytime the owner is unable to claim their property, they can file a claim.

Wyoming: Unclaimed money types

Wyoming requires businesses and other relevant entities to submit regular reports on unclaimed property. Different asset types have different dormancy times. The asset is placed on the State Treasurer’s registry in the name of its owner after the expiration of its dormancy period. Owners can then reclaim it.

Below is a table listing the most common unclaimed assets. It also includes the dormancy period as required by state law.

Dormancy Period Types of Asset
15 years
  • Traveler’s checks
Seven years
  • Orders for non-bank money
Five years
  • Savings accounts
  • Account checking
  • Advances, deposits, and refunds
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Bank checks and money orders
  • Casualties
  • Shares in financial institutions
  • Fiduciaries hold property
  • Annuity and life insurance policies
Three years
  • Dividends
  • Securities
  • Bonds
  • Gift certificates, gift cards or credit memos
  • Mineral proceeds
  • IRAs, SEPs and similar plans
One year
  • Utility deposits and refunds
  • Wages
  • Courts and public agencies have property that is held
Six months
  • Settlements or awards in litigation
  • Proceeds from class action suits

How to Retrieve Wyoming State Treasury Unclaimed Cash on Your Own

Wyoming’s unclaimed property outreach program is not well-known. It is your responsibility to search for any property you may have lost in Wyoming, file a claim and prove ownership.

The United States does not have a central institution that records unclaimed property at a federal level. However, each state has a registry where assets can be checked to see if they are available for claim.

You can check the Wyoming State Treasurer’s online unclaimed assets database if you have spent any time in Wyoming. You do not need a Social Security number, but you must follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Search for Unclaimed Property page
  2. Please enter your first and last names or business name
  3. You can narrow down your search by entering the zip code or property ID.
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Click on Claim to select the properties you wish to claim
  6. Click here to view Claimed Properties
  7. Choose the claimant relationship in the drop-down menu
  8. In the new window, enter your contact information and follow the instructions.

The State Treasurer’s Office must issue a written decision within 90 day after you have submitted your claim. The official website allows you to check the status of any claim at any time.

Other ways to search for Wyoming unclaimed property

Wyoming is one of few states that does not require online searches before filing a claim. You can also do it yourself or contact the State Treasurer’s Office to have them perform a search with your name.

Below is a table listing the contact information for the office:

Telefon 1-307-777-5590
Address Unclaimed Property

Herschler Building East

122 West 25th St. Suite E300

Cheyenne, WY82002

This information can be included in your request if you contact the State Treasurer to have them perform the search for you.

Additional resources for finding unclaimed money in Wyoming

Although state registries can be a great resource for finding unclaimed funds, it’s not advisable to stop your search there. This list includes a number of useful resources that could help you to find an extra dollar or two.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation database to find unclaimed funds from failing financial institutions

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UnclaimedMoney can help you find Wyoming unclaimed money the easy way

Although no one will refuse to give you cash, it can be difficult to find it. It’s not easy to find the right money without jumping from one website to another and spending too much time searching. UnclaimedMoney makes it much easier to locate your unclaimed funds.

Our search platform gives you access to multiple unclaimed federal and state money databases all in one place. UnclaimedMoney recognizes frustrations caused by confusing search engines or annoying interfaces. So we designed a feature to make it as easy as possible.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Register your UnclaimedMoney account using your favorite browser
  2. Register and choose the Missing Money option
  3. Please enter your name, address and any other information required
  4. Click on the asset you wish to claim and click Claim My Property

Our app will file a claim for you, saving you unnecessary paperwork.

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