Georgia Homeowners Unclaimed Money:   who could not pay their mortgages during the pandemic has received millions of dollars. This has left more than $300 million unclaimed.

The Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program provided 30 million dollars in assistance to 1,600 families affected by the pandemic. The program was launched in January with $354 million.

Anthony Fulton is one of the homeowners who this program has helped. His job as an education consultant was severely affected by the pandemic. His mortgage company enabled him to pay more than a year after falling behind in his bills.

Fulton said, “And all of a sudden, I receive a letter informing me that they will put my home on sale if I don’t provide them with $40,000.”

His 20-year-old home was to be sold on the courthouse steps this summer.

“So I was scuffling and trying to get the funds when a friend of mine said, ‘Anthony,’ that there is a program in Georgia which will assist you.'”

Fulton was able to catch up with his mortgage payments through the Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program, which saved him from foreclosure.

Tonya Cureton curry, deputy commissioner for housing at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, stated, “we know people need this funding, and we hope they can access it as soon as possible.”

Homeowners must prove that the mortgage payment was not possible due to hardships caused by the pandemic. A homeowner could receive up to $50,000 depending on their financial situation and family income.

Curry stated, “It is important that people make sure they have all the documents they need to upload when applying for a mortgage.” It would be a good idea to have any bills or past mortgage statements related to the mortgage process.

Curry said the average wait time for an application once assigned to a process is around two months.

Anthony Fulton was in foreclosure, and his case was moved quickly.

Fulton stated that it was done in three weeks. “Within four days, everything was stopped,” Fulton said.

It is no longer possible for him to lose his 20-year-old home.
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