Residual client account balances up to PS500 may be donated to charity starting October 2014.

Unclaimed client accounts can pose a problem. Unclaimed client accounts can be time-consuming and more tedious to reconcile. If reasonable efforts have failed to identify the owner of the money, you can donate it to RNIB.

How can solicitors donate client accounts that have not been claimed to RNIB?

Donate Unclaimed Client In Accounts

You may donate unclaimed client funds to RNIB if the rightful owner is not located. Here are some details to assist you in donating unclaimed money & client accounts.

Transfer to the bank

Please contact to arrange a bank transfer.

Transferring amounts exceeding PS500

RNIB can also accept payments of more than PS500, provided that the Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA) gives permission. For permission, please contact the Professional Ethics Guidance Team of the SRA.

The Cube for Professional Ethics, 199 Wharfside Street in Birmingham, B1 1RN

DX: 720293 Birmingham 47

Tel: 0370 606 2577


You can also find additional guidance and the application form on the SRA website.

We will confirm that you have received the required SRA approval. Once we receive your acknowledgment of receipt, we will send you a signed individual indemnity letter for your records.

RNIB has adequate safeguards in place so that any funds that are reclaimed will be refunded.

Additional information

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the donation of unclaimed client accounts.

To notify the recipient of unclaimed funds, use our template letter.

Corporate partners

Your organization can partner with RNIB to create a more fair society for partially blind people. This will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

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