Unclaimed money can be found under your name in a similar way to finding forgotten $10 or $20 bills in your pocket. You can find even more cash by searching unclaimed funds databases.

How To Claim Unclaimed Money in California

How To Claim Unclaimed Money in California

Each year, the state of Idaho collects millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property. Nearly everyone can remember leaving money in uncashed checks or gift cards. But not all people know that these funds are still waiting for their rightful owners.

If you suspect you have some Idaho money left unclaimed, our guide will help you find out how to claim it. While you may not have millions or even billions of dollars, any amount could be helpful when you most need it.

Unclaimed money, also known as unclaimed assets or unclaimed property, is financial asset whose owners are not known or cannot be found. These funds are typically held by institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and other business associations.

These organizations are required by law to report any uncollected property if the owners fail to claim them within the dormancy period. It is the time between the last contact with the owner and when the state declares the property abandoned and takes over as its custodian.

Once the correctful owners have been identified, they can file a claim to retrieve all property that belonged to them.

What is the Dormancy Period in Idaho for Unclaimed Money?

The five-year period for most Idaho unclaimed funds is five years. However, there are exceptions. The table below shows the dormancy periods of the most commonly unclaimed funds.

Types of unclaimed funds Dormancy Period
Salary, wages, and uncashed checks One year
Utility deposits One year
Refunds One year
Policies for life insurance Five years
Dividends and stocks Five years
Gift certificates Five years
Safe deposit box contents Five years
Money orders Seven years
Traveler’s checks 15 years

Unclaimed money: How to check for Idaho unclaimed money

UnclaimedMoney extensive search tool is the best and fastest way to find your uncollected funds. Our database includes all unclaimed funds that are linked to your name, current or past physical address(es) anywhere in Idaho or the USA.

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