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What Is Texas Unclaimed Money?


Did you know that more than $58 billion in unclaimed money is held in government accounts across Texas? These funds are held until a legal claimant files a request to obtain them. It can be anything from forgotten utility deposits to the contents of a safe deposit box. If you have an unclaimed property in Texas, you may be eligible to receive it. Read on to find out how you can claim it. Here are some common examples of unclaimed property in Texas.

Unclaimed money in Texas amounts to over $58 billion

The state of Texas is in the business of returning unclaimed property to owners. Since 1962, the state comptroller’s office has returned over $3 billion in unclaimed money to Texas residents. During that time, the state has reclaimed over $2 billion in property. However, there are still unclaimed funds left by Texas residents. The amount of unclaimed money in Texas varies greatly depending on the circumstances of the owners.

The amount of unclaimed cash in Texas is staggering. The state treasury department reports that there are currently over $58 billion in unclaimed property. This unclaimed money can come from deceased individuals, unclaimed property from businesses, or even pension benefits. There are free websites that allow you to search for unclaimed property by last name and first initial, as well as by relatives who have passed away.

It is held in government accounts until a legal claimant submits a claim

If you’re interested in claiming Texas unclaimed money, there are many options available to you. First, you can search the state’s publicly searchable database. By entering a name into the search field, you will get a table with the rightful owner’s name, claim ID, address, and rightful ownership. In addition, you can find claimable amounts and information about the property’s holder.

The state of Texas holds $2 billion in unclaimed money. Texas has 25 million residents and 6 million unclaimed money accounts. This means that approximately one-fourth of the population has unclaimed money that has accumulated over several generations. Unclaimed property is a financial asset that was abandoned for at least a year without being claimed. When the rightful owner files a claim, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts transfers the funds to the original owner. In addition, the state pays out any interest that has accrued on the money.

It includes forgotten utility deposits and other refunds

The Comptroller’s Office holds more than $4 billion in Texas unclaimed money. These funds include forgotten utility deposits and other refunds, forgotten payroll checks, and mineral royalties. They are also found in bank accounts and safe-deposit boxes, and remain unclaimed for one to five years. Interested people can search the Texas unclaimed money database or call toll-free at 800-321-CASH (2274). There is no fee to file for unclaimed property.

Nearly $3 billion dollars in unclaimed property has been returned to Texans since the Unclaimed Property Program started in 1962. It’s believed that about one in four Texans owns unclaimed bank accounts or other valuables. These assets include forgotten utility deposits, insurance proceeds, dividends, mineral royalties, and dormant bank accounts. In addition to forgotten utility deposits, unclaimed bank accounts or safe deposit box contents can be valuable assets.

It includes abandoned safe-deposit box contents

The state of Texas holds more than $4 billion in unclaimed property. The Unclaimed Property Program was first instituted in 1962, and since then it has returned more than $3 billion to Texas residents. The unclaimed property can include things like forgotten utility deposits, insurance proceeds, pensions, mineral royalties, and abandoned safe-deposit box contents. These items are turned over to the Texas Comptroller’s office, which is responsible for collecting them.

If you think that you might have a bank account or safe-deposit box full of money, you should contact your bank. They should be able to inform you of any property they have on file. However, if you do not receive an email from them, you should contact your state’s unclaimed property office. They will help you track down any unclaimed property. This process is known as escheatment and states have laws that require banks to turn over abandoned property after a certain amount of time.

It requires additional documentation to claim

If you live in Texas and believe that you are the owner of unclaimed property, you can claim the funds by contacting the State Division of Unclaimed Property. The state agency holding unclaimed property determines whether to approve a claim or deny it. If the state decides to approve your claim, you may need to submit additional documentation. Usually, unclaimed money in Texas takes about 37 business days to be processed, though it can take longer if you are not the original owner of the property.

If you’re unable to find your unclaimed property, contact the state’s unclaimed property division. They maintain a database of reported abandoned funds and assets and are happy to help you locate them. To claim your unclaimed property, you must fill out a formal claim form. The information on the form should be complete as asked by each line. You must attach copies of your identification and proof of ownership and sign your name properly.