KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Treat yourself to an early New Year’s surprise this year by visiting the Tennessee Treasury Department online and making just a few clicks. According to their website, there’s over $1.2 billion worth of unclaimed property across Tennessee which may belong to you — all without incurring any cost whatsoever!

Unclaimed Property in Tennessee
Unclaimed Property in Tennessee

Money found unclaimed could come from any source – whether that means an insurance deposit you misplaced, or overpayment with your utility company years earlier. All regulated businesses are legally required to report Unclaimed Property in Tennessee to their state of jurisdiction – so if you think there may be cash lying around that belongs to you, claim it tn now before it’s too late!

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Ken Adams is looking for unclaimed money belonging to friends of his. Anyone can visit Tennessee Treasury Department’s “Find Your Missing Money” website for further assistance in their search.

“I do it to help friends of mine who owe money. So far I’ve found money for people in seven states who are my friends – the maximum sum was $4,500,” Adams stated.

If you are looking for unclaimed property in Tennessee, you might have heard of a website that claims to help you find it. But they do not have an office; you cannot come in to make your claim and expect a check right then and there, Adams noted. When calling into make the claim, their recording says, ‘we do not offer checks here; there is nobody available to discuss your claim – please submit online.

Doing it online is quite straightforward, according to Adams; anyone can check the state site without incurring a cost.

Adams suggested the following route for finding missing money online. They will require your last name when asking you questions; that information must also be included on your application form.

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However, you do not have to enter your first name; He doesn’t require that information.

Adams provided more detail: “Now it shows all information alphabetically arranged], including addresses where individuals once lived as well as those sending money into Tennessee from other sources, amounts paid into Tennessee, property ID numbers associated with Unclaimed Property in Tennessee, etc.”

He mentioned that once money has been disbursed to you, some form of identification will need to be sent in order for you to collect it.

“Submit it back to the state, which will process and issue your check,” advised Adams.

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Adams does not make any money from this endeavor – it is just for fun!

“I love finding people and helping them secure funds,” Adams stated.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators makes it simple and free for people to search participating state’s databases for unclaimed money. Their website features search options so users can check whether any unclaimed funds exist across states.