Unclaimed money Idaho can be found under your name, similarly to finding forgotten $10 or $20 bills in your pocket. You can find even more cash by searching unclaimed funds databases.

Each year, Idaho collects millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property. Nearly everyone can remember leaving money in uncashed checks or gift cards. But not all people know that these funds are still waiting for their rightful owners.

If you suspect you have some Idaho money left unclaimed, our guide will help you find out how to claim it. While you may not have millions or even billions of dollars, any amount could be helpful when you most need it.

What is the Dormancy Period in Idaho for Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed Money Idaho

The five-year period for most Idaho unclaimed funds is five years. However, there are exceptions. The table below shows the dormancy periods of the most commonly unclaimed funds.

Type of Unclaimed Funds Dormancy Period
Wages, salaries, and uncashed payroll checks One year
Utility deposits One year
Refunds One year
Life insurance policies Five years
Stocks and dividends Five years
Gift certificates Five years
Safe deposit box contents Five years
Money orders Seven years
Traveler’s checks 15 years

The following are other popular unclaimed categories of money:

How to Check for Idaho Unclaimed Money

UnclaimedMoney extensive search tool is the best and fastest way to find your uncollected funds. Our database includes all unclaimed funds that are linked to your name and current or past physical address(es) anywhere in Idaho or the USA.

UnclaimedMoney acts as a mediator between the parties and files a claim for you.

These are the steps to take to recover your money using our app.

  1. Please provide your details, including your middle name, current/former address(es), and other information.
  2. Click Claim My Property next to each asset you own

Once you have completed these steps, you can just sit back and wait for your money to arrive. Once your claim is processed, we will notify you and make sure that it gets submitted immediately.

Are You able to find and claim your Idaho lost money on your own?

If you are unable to submit a claim online, there is another way to do it. The process involves three steps: tracking down unclaimed funds, filing a claim, and uploading supporting documents.

Find Unclaimed Money on Treasurer’s Office Website

This guide will help you locate abandoned assets that you want to claim.

  1. Visit the official website of the treasurer
  2. Click on the large Search Now button
  3. For more accurate results, enter your first and last names, as well as your city.

It is important to review all results carefully. False matches may occur if your last and first names are common. Before you claim the property, make sure to verify the address and all other details.

How to File a Claim on Treasurer’s Office Website

After you’re certain that you have identified all properties you want to claim, you can proceed with the following:

  1. Click the red Claim button to select all properties
  2. Once you’re done, go to View Claimed Properties
  3. Click on File Claim and select the claimant relationship you wish to file a claim.
  4. Fill out the online claim form and provide the necessary personal information. Click on Next
  5. Make sure you are 100% accurate in all details, and then submit the form

After submitting the form, you will receive an email with your claim ID and the list of documents that you must upload to show that you are the rightful owners of the selected funds.

Upload the required documentation to the Treasurer’s Office website

Last, you need to verify your claim by providing the necessary documentation. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the Claiming Property section, then click on Upload Claim documentation
  2. To confirm that your documents are authentic, tick the box
  3. Upload as many as five images and include your claim ID.
  4. Click the red Submit button.

Clear scans of all required paperwork should be prepared. They shouldn’t exceed 10MB. You may need to attach an ID with your photo and Social Security Number, copies of marriage certificates or death certificates, adoption papers, etc., depending on what property you want to claim.

How to check the status of your claim

It is easy to track your claim. All you have to do is enter your claim ID at the Check the Status of the Claim webpage of the official treasurer’s site. If you have lost the confirmation email or can’t locate the claim ID due to an error, you can contact the institution in the following ways.

Are There Other Things UnclaimedMoney can Help with?

Yes! We can help you get the money you need from Idaho. But we also have tips and tricks for other states such as Oregon, Virginia, and Arkansas. California, Mississippi, California, and Mississippi. To learn more, you can visit our extensive learning site, accessible in any browser.