Georgia residents could have unclaimed funds waiting for them, and all it would take to claim them is filling out an online form.

Unclaimed Money in Georgia is a type of unclaimed property, as defined by Georgia’s Department of Revenue. It includes money that remains in uncashed checks, security deposits and overpayments that has gone unclaimed by the rightful owners. Georgia assists unclaimed owners by offering them the ability to file claims through its revenue department website, which allows users to do this quickly and free.

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 Unclaimed Money in Georgia
Unclaimed Money in Georgia

The Revenue Department issues warnings to owners who have unclaimed property that, if they fail to claim it within an established time limit, it will become state property. This warning applies particularly to Unclaimed Money in Georgia such as bank accounts, insurance policies or tax refunds; it does not apply for excess funds from an abandoned motor vehicle sale that expire within one year.

Anyone interested in searching for unclaimed money can submit their claim through Georgia’s Department of Revenue website, and will typically be paid out between 30-90 days later.

Claimant payments cannot be issued electronically and will instead be sent as paper checks to their registered addresses when filing their claims.

Click Here To Explore This Story In Washington Examiner Payers waiting on payment of their claims can review them online.

Georgia residents looking for information on unclaimed property can visit the Department of Revenue’s website for additional resources on unclaimed assets in their state.