Over 825,000 Oklahomans may possess unclaimed property that remains with the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Funds Division, which is responsible for managing and returning Unclaimed funds in Oklahoma to their rightful owners. Now may be an opportune time to see if you or any relatives can claim some of this nearly $1.2 billion held therein – here’s what you should know.

What sort of funds could appear on Oklahoma’s unclaimed funds list?

Unclaimed funds in Oklahoma
Unclaimed funds in Oklahoma

Unclaimed funds or assets could include anything from unpaid wages and investments to missing children and lost property.

After a certain amount of time has elapsed, assets that remain uncashable or unclaimed will be sent to the state for safekeeping.

Who qualifies to claim Oklahoma’s unclaimed property?

Law dictates that to claim ok unclaimed property, one must possess an “proprietary interest”, or ownership right, in them. You may file claims on behalf of family, friends or deceased individuals who owe money; estate executors can file on their behalf; parents acting as custodians/guardians/conservators/trustees can file on their behalf; as can anyone with power of attorney over someone.

How can I locate unclaimed property in Oklahoma?

Missingmoney.com offers an easy and safe national unclaimed property search, while Oklahoma State Treasurer’s website also provides similar search tools.

Search your name or business name, city and click “search” to start the claim process for unclaimed property in Oklahoma. Be wary that names could be misspelled or listed with last name first or vice versa so it’s wise to go through each result and see which may be yours; each search result also provides addresses, making it easier for you to determine if any could belong to you! Be sure to return regularly as new claims will continue being added every day!

What documents are necessary to claim my funds?

Social Security number, state ID or driver’s license are essential documents when filing. There may also be other documents required that can be found by visiting Oklahoma State Treasury’s frequently asked question section.

How does the state acquire Unclaimed Property?

Oklahoma’s Unclaimed Property Law requires holders of unclaimed property located both within Oklahoma and other states to annually report and deliver it to the State Treasurer’s Office for delivery to its rightful owners. When reporting property to Oklahoma authorities, all holders are legally obliged to attempt contacting its rightful owners before reporting it as unclaimed property to state authorities. This requirement applies both within Oklahoma as well as outside its borders.

How can I file for unclaimed funds in Oklahoma?

Upload or mail your claim forms and documents directly to Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office 9520 N. May Avenue Lower Level Oklahoma City OK 73120.

What are the website and phone number for the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office for Unclaimed Funds?

Please call (405-521-4273) for more information, and visit https://oktreasu.com for website assistance.