Once money has been distributed, it sits patiently until its rightful owner files a claim in order to reclaim it.

Atlantians could have money waiting unclaimed in Georgia banks without knowing about it, having forgotten they are entitled to unclaimed funds in Georgia. Have any letters been received regarding potential unclaimed property from Georgia?

Yes or No? Perhaps. Either way, it couldn’t hurt to double check.

What Are Unclaimed Properties and how Can they be Recovered

 Unclaimed Funds in Georgia
Unclaimed Funds in Georgia

Unclaimed property refers to uncashed checks, security deposits and overpayments in Georgia that remain unclaimed after they’ve been held by private companies and not claimed. As per Georgia Department of Revenue website policies, private companies are required to turn over all owned money so residents may reunite themselves with it.

Once money has been disbursed to someone else, it becomes “unclaimed property” in Georgia until its rightful owner files a claim to retrieve it. Here are a few other important points about unclaimed money in georgia for free:

Georgia offers residents a secure website dedicated to filing, tracking and paying out claims. All they need is their name and city of residence for this process to begin.

If there’s money owed, add it to the cart and check out. Residents will need to complete and submit a claim form sent directly to their email addresses before waiting 30 to 90 days for payment to arrive by mail.

Residents should be wary of websites offering to return unclaimed property to its rightful owner. For answers regarding unclaimed property in Georgia, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website.