Unclaimed Property site allows readers to search for treasure

Unclaimed Property

ENID, Okla. — Newspapers throughout Oklahoma will feature ads from the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office with updates of unclaimed property listings they currently hold on file. Enid News & Eagle will run an advertisement in Sunday’s newspaper to raise awareness that thousands of unclaimed properties remain in Garfield County that need to be claimed, such […]

Let’s Know What Is Unclaimed Monday And How To Find It (The Complete Guide)

What is Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Monday: The United States currently has $42 trillion in unclaimed property. This means that each state holds money that is rightfully theirs, but no one has yet claimed it. The State Treasurer’s Office of South Carolina has more than $550,000,000 of unclaimed funds. You can claim unclaimed money if you are one of the many […]

The Ultimate Guide To Find Your Unclaimed Money in GA [Top Hacks]

Unclaimed Money GA

Unclaimed Money GA: Unclaimed money in the United States amounts to millions of dollars. For many reasons, people don’t claim their assets. The total amount may not be enough to make you wealthy, but these funds can be useful for your savings or as a way to treat yourself. This article is for anyone who […]

Urging Locals to Look for indiana Unclaimed Money

indiana unclaimed money,

 indiana unclaimed money City To find out if there is any unclaimed money, Attorney General Todd Rokita asks Indiana residents to visit IndianaUnclaimed.gov. Rokita urged everyone in Indiana to spend a moment to look for unclaimed assets and money. “Hoosiers have a fantastic opportunity to reclaim what is properly theirs at this time.” Over $48 million […]

What Are Unclaimed Funds and How Do You Get Them

Unclaimed Funds

What Are Unclaimed Funds and How Do You Get Them?: Unclaimed funds are money and other assets that have yet to be claimed by their rightful owners. After a certain amount of time has passed, unclaimed funds are usually given up to the government. The designated owner or beneficiary must file a claim to claim […]