Let’s Learn How To Find Unclaimed Money MA (Complete Guide)

Unclaimed Money MA

Unclaimed Money MA: Are you a Massachusetts resident and think you may have unclaimed funds? You can be sure that you have found the right place, regardless of whether you are looking for unclaimed insurance or inheritance, child support, veteran affairs, old bank accounts, money inherited from a relative who has died, or any other […]

Learn About 6 Misconceptions About Massachusetts Unclaimed Property [Latest Update]

6 misconceptions Massachusetts unclaimed property

6 Misconceptions Massachusetts Unclaimed Property: These common myths could end up costing you if you believe them. FindMassMoney.com is the official website of the Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Division and is currently seeking the owners of $3.4 million in unclaimed money. My sister Barbara sent me a text message on Saturday morning this year: “You have […]