Oregon’s Unclaimed Property Program will distribute another $3.5 million to people throughout Oregon, many of whom don’t realize they’re due it as oregon unclaimed money.

Oregon State Treasury announced earlier this year that they planned an aggressive program to return $10 million in unclaimed funds back to individuals as part of its effort to return unclaimed funds to people.

This is the second phase of the state department of Treasury’s initiative to return unclaimed money, returning over $9 Million reported as unclaimed in 2019 directly to approximately 9,000 individuals throughout the state.

State officials announced they will distribute $155,000 among 400 individuals in and around Salem as part of this group.

The third batch, comprising funds reported for 2020, will be sent in June.

Most checks range between $50 and $10,000 in value.

Money that goes unclaimed can come from bank accounts that have been forgotten, tax refunds, credit balances, payroll checks or refunds that go untouched as well as uncashed checks.

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Oregon unclaimed funds
Oregon unclaimed funds

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To find out if any unclaimed money is due to you or make a claim of money, go to unclaimed.oregon.gov.

Since July 2021, the Treasury reported it has returned over $65 million to 47,000 individuals, bringing total state returns up to $521 million since establishing programs related to it.

The state estimates it still holds about $1 billion in unclaimed funds.