More than 825,000 Oklahomans may possess unclaimed property and it could be time to see if you qualify to claim some of Oklahoma State Treasurer’s unclaimed funds division’s estimated $1.2 billion of unclaimed money or assets held in trust for them. Here’s everything you should know.

What types of funds would appear on an Oklahoma unclaimed funds list?

Oklahoma Unclaimed Funds
Oklahoma Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed money or assets may include, for instance, abandoned investments and accounts.

Unclaimed assets will eventually go back into state hands for safekeeping if left unclaimed for too long.

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Who qualifies to claim Oklahoma’s unclaimed property?

Unclaimed funds in Oklahoma must be claimed or granted as your “proprietary interest”, including lost money oklahoma. You may request these funds on behalf of family and friends; in cases involving deceased individuals owing money, their estate administrator can file claims; parents can even submit claims as parents, custodians, guardians, conservator trustees or executors or even with power of attorney over them.

How can I locate any unclaimed property in Oklahoma? provides a secure national unclaimed property search, while Oklahoma’s State Treasurer also offers one with similar capabilities.

If you live in Oklahoma, you may have unclaimed funds waiting for you. Oklahoma Unclaimed Funds are money or property that have been abandoned by their owners and are held by the state until they are claimed. To find out if you have any Oklahoma Unclaimed Funds, search your name or business name, city and click “search” to begin the claim process. Keep in mind that some names could be misspelled or listed with last name first or vice versa so it is wise to keep checking all available options until one seems likely. Results include addresses so you know which may be yours – new claims are added daily so it is wise to periodically return for more.

What evidence will I need in order to claim these funds?

An important document required when filing is a Social Security number, state issued ID or driver’s license from Oklahoma State Treasury; there may also be other documents necessary depending on your specific situation which you can find listed under their frequently asked question section.

How does the State Acquire Unclaimed Property?

Oklahoma’s Unclaimed Property Law requires holders to report and deliver property to the State Treasurer’s Office each year. Before reporting property to Oklahoma or another state, holders are legally obliged to contact and attempt to reach its owners first before notifying it directly to Oklahoma or any other authority. This obligation extends both to holders within Oklahoma as well as outside it.

How can I file for unclaimed funds in Oklahoma?

Your claim form and documentation can either be uploaded online, or sent by mail to Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office 9520 N. May Avenue Lower Level Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120.

What are the state treasury website and phone number for Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office for Unclaimed Funds?

Contact Information is 405-521-4273, while their website address is