If you are looking for unclaimed money oklahoma, you may be interested to know that over 825,000 Oklahomans may possess unclaimed property that’s been held up by the Oklahoma State Treasurers’ Oklahoma Division – this could be your opportunity to claim some of Oklahoma’s over $1.2 billion in unclaimed funds.

Oklahoma unclaimed funds
Oklahoma unclaimed funds

What kinds of funds appear on Oklahoma’s unclaimed funds list?

Unclaimed money or assets may include, for instance, assets like accounts and/or cash that is still outstanding from previous transactions.

Payable to suppliers/vendors.


Credit Memos.

Items held for safekeeping (credit memos ), Loan Collateral or Deposits with depository institutions.

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds all present opportunities.

Garnishments or court deposits.

Payroll/wage obligations, security deposits, escrow funds and unidentified receipts held by fiduciaries or trustees should all be treated as liabilities of a fiduciary/trustee.

Dividends, interest and royalties.

Matured insurance policy proceeds.

Insurance proceeds due are subject to cancellation in accordance with policy terms.

Liquidation/dissolution amounts will be distributed as follows.

After a certain time has lapsed, any assets left uncashed or unclaimed will be sent to the state for safekeeping.

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Who qualifies for Oklahoma’s unclaimed property?

Your “proprietary interest,” or ownership or right, in unclaimed funds must be clearly established for you to file a claim on their behalf. In cases involving deceased people who owe funds, those appointed as executor can file claims on their behalf; parents can make claims as custodian, guardian, conservator or trustee or have power of attorney over another person owing them funds.

How can I determine if I own unclaimed property in Oklahoma?

Missingmoney.com provides an effective and safe nationwide unclaimed property search, or visit Oklahoma State Treasurer for similar tools.

Search your name or business name, city and hit “search” to begin the claim process. Keep in mind that some names could be misspelled or listed with last name first or vice versa so it’s advisable to keep looking through all possible options available to you; results include addresses so you can identify which could possibly be you; new claims are added daily so it is advisable to periodically return and check on this process.

What documentation is necessary to claim my funds?

An essential requirement when filing is having your Social Security number, state issued ID or driver’s license handy. Other documents may also be needed depending on the situation and these can be found within Oklahoma State Treasury’s frequently Asked Question section.

How does the State Acquire Unclaimed Property?

Oklahoma’s Unclaimed Property Law requires holders to report and deliver unclaimed property to the State Treasurer’s Office annually, in addition to making attempts at contacting owners before reporting it as unclaimed property to Oklahoma or any other state. This applies both within Oklahoma as well as outside its borders.

How can I claim unclaimed funds in Oklahoma?

Your claim form and documentation can either be uploaded online, or mailed directly to the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office at 9520 N. May Ave, Lower Level Oklahoma City OK 73120.