More than 825,000 Oklahomans may possess unclaimed property and it could be time to see if you qualify to claim some of Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Funds Division’s $1.2 billion unclaimed fund total.

Here is everything you should know.

What kinds of unclaimed funds may appear on an Oklahoma unclaimed funds list?

Oklahoma unclaimed funds
Oklahoma unclaimed funds

Unclaimed money or assets can include, for instance, unpaid salaries, inheritance funds or assets left unspent from estate sales.

After a certain timeframe has elapsed, assets that have gone uncashed or unclaimed will be turned over to the state for safekeeping.

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Who are eligible to claim Oklahoma’s unclaimed property?

Your unclaimed funds must fall under your “proprietary interest”, or ownership or legal entitlement, in order to request them on behalf of family, friends or deceased people who owe funds; estate administrators can file on behalf of these owed funds owed them as well. Likewise, parents, custodians, guardians conservators trustees with power of attorney may file claims on their behalf as well.

How can I determine whether my property in Oklahoma has gone unclaimed? provides an easy, safe search tool to locate unclaimed property oklahoma nationwide; alternatively, Oklahoma State Treasurer also offers one.

Search your name or business name, city and click “search” to start your claim. Keep in mind that some names could be mispelled or listed last name first or vice versa so it is wise to carefully consider all possible outcomes before selecting the option you think matches up best with your identity. Our results include addresses so it should be easy for you to determine which may be appropriate – new claims are added daily so it is advisable to periodically revisit.

What documentation is necessary to claim my funds?

Social Security Number, State Issued ID Card or Driver License are required when filing. Other documentation may also be necessary depending on your situation; check Oklahoma State Treasury frequently Asked Question section for more information.

How does the state acquire unclaimed property?

Oklahoma’s Unclaimed Property Law requires holders to report and deliver unclaimed property annually to the State Treasurer’s Office. Before reporting unclaimed property to Oklahoma or another state, holders are legally obliged to attempt contact with its rightful owners before reporting it as unclaimed property. This applies both within Oklahoma as well as between states.

How can I file for unclaimed funds in Oklahoma?

Upload or mail in your claim forms and documentation directly to Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office 9520 N. May Ave. Lower Level Oklahoma City OK 73120.

Where can I find information and contact details for the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office for Unclaimed Funds?

Phone number 405-521-4273, website