Officials at the State of Nevada estimate they have unclaimed property valued at $950 million that they want residents to claim. They encourage people to search and claim what belongs to them.

Search Unclaimed Property to Locate Unclaimed Assets.

Nevada Unclaimed Money
Nevada Unclaimed Money

Nevadans can search their name, maiden name or business or nonprofit’s name free at

Unclaimed property refers to any financial asset left unused for more than three years by its original owner, typically three.

Nevada unclaimed money could be waiting for you if you reside or once lived there. Nevada Unclaimed Money refers to property held by the state that belongs to its rightful owners or heirs – such as bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, insurance checks, traveler’s checks, utility deposits, gift certificates stocks bonds mutual fund dividends claim payments as well as safe deposit box contents like oil and gas royalties or court deposits are included under this category.

“Since my administration took office, we have returned over $128 million of unclaimed property back to Nevadans,” announced Treasurer Zach Conine in a press release.

“Every day, our team works diligently to connect Nevadans with any unclaimed property we might have stored for them. We invite everyone who may be due any unclaimed items to visit our website to see if any may exist.”

How to Claim Nevada Unclaimed Money from the Unclaimed Property Program

Nevada’s Unclaimed Property Program works with businesses who are holding funds owed to others to identify these funds and remit them back to the state. Businesses must report annually to the program regardless of whether or not they possess unclaimed property.

Once funds have been returned to Nevada, this program works directly with Nevadans to return their missing money. When an unclaimed property comes to the state’s attention, it will be held until its rightful owner can be located.

The Unclaimed Property Program coordinates various special projects and initiatives throughout the year that pertain to state of nv unclaimed property. For instance, in 2019 its office worked to identify and return unclaimed property to nonprofit organizations in Nevada while between 2020-2021 they found and returned $2.3 Million worth of unclaimed property belonging to unemployment insurance claimants in Nevada.

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