Las Vegas (KTNV) — Nevada state bank accounts hold more than $1 billion — some of it may even belong to you!

Nevada holds unclaimed property
Nevada holds unclaimed property

Did you know that the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office currently holds over $1 billion worth state of Nevada unclaimed property? This includes assets such as bank accounts, utility deposits, gift certificates, stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as insurance policy benefits and safe deposit box contents! Just to name a few categories!

Nevada Treasurer’s office recently encouraged all Nevadans to search and claim any unclaimed property as some may be wealthy beyond their imaginations.

Nevadans looking to claim property can visit, enter their name or that of a business or non-profit and then search the search page. The results page allows them to locate unclaimed assets and file claims.

Nevada State Treasurer’s Office mandates banks, insurance companies and other corporations to turn over customers’ unclaimed property after three years if it hasn’t been claimed. There is no charge or deadline attached to this process – simply get it back!

Joe Sedlak, an elementary teacher for Clark County School District in Nevada, recently discovered that he is due $1,700 dating back over a decade – likely from a mortgage loan he took out ten years prior. This unexpected money arrived when searching Bing for Nevada holds unclaimed property and discovering his name listed. Although no details could be gleaned regarding its source or origination were given by Bing or Joe himself regarding where or why this money had come from; nevertheless he was delighted at receiving it.

“I was absolutely taken aback, especially considering this economy and its rising costs of living. Amount like that can truly change lives,” stated Sedlak.

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