In St. Amant, Louisiana, a mystery surrounds a $50,000 Powerball ticket that went unclaimed and expired. The ticket was purchased at Fisherman’s One Stop, and the winner matched four of the five white ball numbers and the Powerball number.
The identity of the winner remains unknown, and the money will now go into an unclaimed prize fund to be returned to players in the form of increased payouts and player promotions.
This is not the first large sum of money to go unclaimed in Louisiana, with a $3 million Mega Millions ticket expiring in 2012. The Louisiana Lottery office reminds players to claim their prizes of over $5,000 at one of their five regional offices or at their headquarters in Baton Rouge.

The ST. AMANT, La Lottery Ticket

Mystery Surrounds Unclaimed $50,000 Powerball Lottery Ticket in Louisiana

ST. AMANT, La. A $50,000 lottery ticket was officially canceled at 5:01 p.m. on Thursday. It was purchased from Fisherman’s One Stop, LA 22 in St. Amant. The winning ticket had four of the five numbers drawn from the white balls, along with the Powerball number.

Many people are curious about the mystery winner and why they didn’t claim their tickets.

“I would have liked to know the identity of this person.” An employee stated that it would have been even more enjoyable if the victim was a regular customer of our local business.

It’s not the biggest sum of money Louisianans have yet to claim. A Mega Millions ticket worth $3 million was lost in 2012. It had three plays that each won $1 million.

According to the Louisiana Lottery office, prize money expires and is deposited in an unclaimed prize fund. Players are then refunded with increased payouts for instant win games or player promotions.

Powerball prizes exceeding $5,000 must be claimed at any of the five regional offices in the state or at the Baton Rouge lottery headquarters.


The unclaimed $50,000 Powerball ticket in St. Amant remains a mystery, with the identity of the winner unknown. The funds will now be added to the unclaimed prize fund, to be returned to players in the form of increased payouts and promotions.
You can find a list of significant unclaimed prizes that are about to expire on the lottery’s website at