Minnesota’s unclaimed property division recently returned over $729 Million that had previously gone unclaimed Minnesota Residents Have Money Stashed Away In Government Accounts.

In Minnesota, money belonging to you may be sitting idle in government accounts; it’s up to you to reclaim it!

MN May Owe You Money
MN May Owe You Money

Unfortunately, many individuals who possess unclaimed cash don’t realize it; whether that be pension funds, business refunds, or another source. The Minnesota Department of Commerce offers its “unclaimed property division”, which works tirelessly to return such property or money back to its rightful owners.

Minnesota announced it has returned over $729 Million that was previously unclaimed.

Residents seeking to locate potential hidden assets should visit the unclaimed property division website and enter their name or business to start their search.

Search here for MN unclaimed money lying unclaimed in any state’s treasury by selecting from this list of treasurer’s offices.

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If your money is missing from the state treasury, the government recommends looking for unclaimed deposits from bank failures or credit union closures as well as unclaimed tax refunds or money from an FHA-insured mortgage.

Finally, you can look for unclaimed back wages, pension money or life insurance funds that remain unaccounted for. Here’s how you can search for them:

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