Now may be the time to search for “missing money missouri” and find out if any of your funds have been lost among Missouri’s more than $1 billion of unclaimed property.

Every year, financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and other organizations entrust millions in cash and the contents of safe deposit boxes to the Missouri Treasurer’s Office after failing to contact their owner in over five years.

Vivek Malek expressed his joy upon being appointed State Treasurer earlier this year by Gov. Mike Parson and stated his enthusiasm to return as much unclaimed money to its rightful owners. Additionally, his administration will work with an expert staff in returning millions more dollars back to Missourians during their administration.

The Missouri Treasurer’s Office currently administers over $1.3 billion of unclaimed property. Their office estimates that one out of every ten Missourians own some unclaimed property; with average returns being nearly $300 per item claimed.

Missouri unclaimed funds
Missouri unclaimed funds

How can I determine whether I have unclaimed funds in Missouri?

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If an individual doesn’t possess any unclaimed property with Missouri, they can sign up at this website to get email alerts if any similar-named unclaimed property comes to be turned in at some point in the future.

Filing claims does not have a time limit; if reported as interest-bearing accounts to the Treasurer, owners can receive up to seven years interest on cash assets reported as belonging to them.

What types of unclaimed property would appear on Missouri’s unclaimed property list?

Unclaimed money or assets may include, among other things, unclaimed investments or money held as unclaimed.

Safe deposit boxes often hold family heirlooms, jewelry and keepsakes that hold great sentimental value to owners. One of the most precious items recovered from safe deposit boxes are military medals and insignia; no longer auctioned or sold since 2010. Information on names and last known addresses of safe deposit box owners from which these medals or insignia have been found can be found at

Unclaimed Property does not handle real property such as land, houses, cars or boats.