Mississippi’s state treasurer’s office has set out on an ambitious multi-million dollar effort to return unclaimed property, also known as mississippi unclaimed money, to its rightful owners.

With just a few clicks, that missing money could soon be in your possession.

Pine Belt residents and others throughout the state could have an opportunity to receive money they are entitled to from federal, state or other sources.

Under unclaimed property and money, this cash is held in storage by the state treasury.

Mississippi unclaimed funds
Mississippi unclaimed funds

“This program is an effort to return unclaimed money that have been lost over time – whether it be utility payments, deposits you put down for utilities, life insurance policies or unclaimed wills,” Treasurer David McRae stated.

Over five years, the money is returned to the state.

McRae stated he wanted his money to go where it belongs.

McRae announced, “Since my appointment, we have returned an estimated $75 million back to Mississippians – that works out to be approximately $2,000 for every person living in Mississippi who have unclaimed money sitting with the Treasury waiting to be found”.

McRae emphasized the ease of filing a claim and its payout could take place within as little as one month.

“To find them quickly, the easiest way is to visit Treasury.ms.gov and search your name or the names of your family or church – that’s the quickest and simplest way,” McRae advised. If that fails, she said they would reach out and find you.

McRae expressed how helpful an extra bit of money would be. With food costs rising steadily and rent continuing to increase exponentially, having extra funds may come in handy during these difficult economic times.

“Having access to extra funds for the people of Mississippi can only be seen as a benefit, and one of the greatest government departments in Mississippi.”

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