On Wednesday, Feb. 1, National Unclaimed Property Day will take place. Governor Gretchen Whitmer encourages Michigan residents to search online to see if any lost or abandoned items, including michigan unclaimed property deceased, can be located as part of her efforts to promote National Unclaimed Property Day and find any unclaimed items as part of National Unclaimed Property Day on Feb. 1.

Unclaimed money Day serves as an annual reminder for Michiganders to see if they have anything in the state’s lost and found box, according to Governor Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer noted that over the past five years, Michigan Department of Treasury has successfully returned more than $500 million worth of property back to its rightful owners or their heirs.

Michigan unclaimed assets
Michigan unclaimed assets

“Searching and filing a claim are both straightforward processes,” Governor Whitmer noted. He encouraged Michigan residents and businesses alike to check if they have lost property that should be retrieved immediately.

Discover if you are missing money or property by going directly to Michigan’s Unclaimed Property website here, which offers enhanced search capabilities as well as secure upload of documentation proving ownership. Individuals outside Michigan may check multiple states’ unclaimed property listings at www.UCPday.com.

Michigan Department of Treasury holds millions of dollars worth of unclaimed or abandoned assets, such as dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates that have been turned over as required by law.

Michigan Department of Treasury serves as custodian of these assets and, when claimed rightfully by their rightful owners or their heirs, returns them.

Individuals are encouraged to search and claim any potential properties under their name, maiden name, business or nonprofit names without incurring a cost associated with searching and claiming them.

Claimants may also contact our office by phone Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for help claiming. The number to dial is: 517-636-5320.

Michigan’s Unclaimed Property website contains instructions on how to submit unclaimed or abandoned property online quickly and easily, making reporting and remittance easier than ever for businesses, corporations, nonprofits, public entities and other organizations holding unclaimed or abandoned property.

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