ky State Treasurer Allison Ball announced Monday she has successfully returned more than $150 Million of unclaimed property, also known as unclaimed money ky, back to Kentuckians than any previous treasurer ever has in state history.

Unclaimed money includes payroll checks, safety deposit boxes, life insurance policies, stocks or vendor checks that have gone missing.

“Thanks to my staff’s hard work, we were able to return an unprecedented sum and distribute it back to its rightful owners,” stated her.

Ball’s office reported that over $800 Million remains unclaimed property held in state treasuries nationwide ranging from one penny up to an amazing $733,497.19.

Ball explained, “the general idea behind this approach is that at some point in your life you have lost something; sometimes this means someone has passed on without leaving behind any indication as to their heir.”

She believes it belongs back in its rightful place.

She stated: “I find great pleasure in giving money back to people.” As inflation rates skyrocket, now is an opportune time to do just that – perhaps there is money you owe out there that belongs to you? Don’t miss this chance.”

Kentucky unclaimed property
Kentucky unclaimed property

How to Locate Unclaimed Property

Missing Money offers you the ability to quickly search nationwide or state by state for unclaimed property using secure government websites as your resources.

Both methods of verification are free.

Click here to verify if any unclaimed property belongs to you in Kentucky.

Search your name to identify any unclaimed property, then follow these simple steps to claim it. According to Ball, some claims qualify for expedited processing.

Even if you have already explored your options, keep looking as more money comes your way.