Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball announced Monday she has returned over $150 million of unclaimed property back to Kentuckians – more than any previous treasurer in state history. Kentuckians could be missing out on potentially enormous sums of money.

Kentucky state treasurer
Kentucky state treasurer

Unclaimed property often takes the form of payroll checks, safety deposit boxes, life insurance policies, stocks or vendor checks that have gone missing.

“Thanks to my staff’s tireless work, we were able to return a record sum back to its rightful owners,” stated she.

However, according to Ball’s office the state treasury still holds over $800 million in unclaimed property ranging from one penny up to $733,497.33.

“Essentially,” Ball said, “the idea is that you may have misplaced something or don’t realize who the heir is until after someone passes away and your situation changes dramatically. However, she believes it is time for that money to return where it belongs.

“I love giving back money,” she stated, and now is an ideal opportunity to do just that due to holiday inflation and inflation in general. If there is money owed to you, now would be an excellent time to claim it back!

How to claim your unclaimed property from the Kentucky state treasurer

Missing Money provides you with an easy and free way to search for unclaimed property at both national and state levels. Both methods of verification can be found here, such as Kentucky state treasurer holding any unclaimed assets held for you by them; to see if any are held up click here.

If you live in Kentucky, unclaimed money might be waiting for you. To discover it, use the unclaimed funds Kentucky free search tool available on the state treasurer’s website. Search your name and if there’s property to claim follow the steps outlined by Ball. Some claims qualify for expedited processing; even if you have searched before double-check now because new funds come through regularly.” she advised.