Unclaimed funds are held by the court on behalf of owners who are entitled to them but have failed to claim their ownership or receive it. Most unclaimed funds arise when money distributed by trustees in bankruptcy cases goes unclaimed by claimants (people or entities entitled to receive money), leading the funds to become property of the court until an appropriate owner comes forward and claims ownership of them. For example, in the state of Kansas, there are over $350 million in unclaimed funds, also known as lost money kansas, waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.

Kansas unclaimed funds
Kansas unclaimed funds

How can I Search for Unclaimed Funds?

Start searching now at the U.S. Courts Unclaimed Funds Locator.

To search funds deposited with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Kansas District, select “KSB” from the Court drop down box or leave it blank to search all courts. Fill in other relevant fields as appropriate to narrow your search results.

The Unclaimed money Locator can also be used to search records maintained in other bankruptcy courts by selecting their abbreviation in the drop down box. Each court maintains their own unclaimed funds records; for information regarding status or application procedures regarding unclaimed funds listed for release within that court please reach out directly to them.

How can I Claim Unclaimed Funds?

1. Read and Understand Application Instructions

2. Complete these forms as instructed:

Domestic Claimant Identification Forms for U.S. Citizens:

Foreign Claimant Identification Forms:

3. Collect the necessary documents outlined in your Application Instructions.

These documents vary depending on which party is seeking funds:

Claimant of Record, Successor Claimant, Claimant Representative or Representative of Deceased Claimant Estate.

Application Instructions provide details on which claimants to claim for and the necessary documentation for each.

4. Deliver to the Court the Application, Additional Forms, Required Documents and Proposed Order.

Email Finance@K.S.B.uscourts.gov for assistance.

Contact: Office of Finance Wichita, Kansas 67202 for filing by mail OR on-line in CM/ECF.

Visit Bankruptcy > Claims Action for more information.

Select an Application to Pay Unclaimed Funds or Small Dividends.

Add the filer of the Application as a Party.

Provide three items (other fields can remain blank).

Enter Your Information in an Application.

Change Your Role from Employee to Creditor.

Click Submit for Funds Request, attach PDF documents and enter a dollar amount as requested for funding.

To gain Filer/Creditor access, refer to Limited User information.

Claimants may confirm their application was received and review its status by viewing their Application History Report.