Iowa Treasurer of State office currently holds nearly $489 Million in unclaimed assets that may belong to you! The Iowa State Treasury may hold some or even all of this ‘unclaimed money or assets. Are You Wondering Who Owns Unclaimed Assets Held by Iowa? Join the “Great Iowa Treasure Hunt”, a free process designed to search unclaimed property held by Iowa until their rightful owners can be located and returned home.

Here is everything you need to know about unclaimed property, The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, and how you can take part.

Where does Iowa’s unclaimed money come from?

Iowa unclaimed funds
Iowa unclaimed funds

If you have ever lived or worked in Iowa, there may be iowa unclaimed money waiting for you in Iowa. Unclaimed property occurs when a business, bank, or financial institution cannot reach their owner within one to three years and so these assets become “unclaimed”, being sent directly to the State Treasurer’s Office where it can then be claimed freely online. You can search online to locate this hidden fortune!

How can I search for Iowa unclaimed funds?

Search Iowa’s Unclaimed Property Database Online at with ease – for free.

If you are in search of Iowa unclaimed funds, visit the official website of the Iowa State Treasurer. When entering, you’ll be asked for your last name or business name as well as an optional first name and optional city name; additionally if any correspondence was sent from them or you have property ID information available to add that is acceptable too.

Listings may include information such as the owner, address, entity that reported asset ownership and what kind of property it represents as well as its value.

How can I file to claim abandoned money or property?

Filing multiple claims at once allows you to file them more efficiently, and should specify who is making their claims: themselves, an estate administrator/executor/legal heir or an open or closed business entity.

Are You Searching for Iowa Unclaimed Funds Online? To file your Iowa unclaimed funds claim online through the state treasurer’s website it is necessary to provide contact details like your email address and phone number as well as Social Security or Tax Identification numbers or Tax ID numbers which may be necessary in some departments for approved claims to be paid out.

Once you file a claim with the state, they will send an email with your “claim ID” number and a list of documents necessary to support it. These can then be uploaded online at Great Iowa Treasure Hunt website.

How many Iowa residents own unclaimed property?

Iowa property owners have received over $338 million so far according to an April report by State Treasurer Roby Smith’s office.

According to a treasurer’s office report, approximately one out of ten individuals possess unclaimed assets that belong to them.