Indiana has returned more than $35 million worth of unclaimed cash this year alone, but plenty of unclaimed funds still await Hoosiers to claim them by searching for unclaimed money indiana for free.

State Attorney General Todd Rokita reports that $804,8879.996 remains unclaimed as of November.

Just days before Independence Day, Rokita encouraged residents to claim their cut of taxes.

Indiana unclaimed cash
Indiana unclaimed cash

“I encourage all Hoosiers to take some time during this holiday weekend to search for unclaimed money and funds,” Rokita stated. “With fireworks and cookouts taking place across Indiana, this holiday weekend presents an ideal opportunity for Hoosiers to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them.” can assist those who wish to claim their share by searching their name, family or business in the database or texting CLAIM to 46220 for quick results. Those looking for their cash can also reach out directly to the Unclaimed Property Division by dialing 1-866-462-5246 or sending email directly to

Once money is reported to the Unclaimed Property Division, individuals or businesses have 25 years to claim it.

Last year, Hoosiers received $62 million back from Indiana Attorney General Rokita’s Unclaimed Property Division.