Unclaimed Funds
Unclaimed Funds

What constitutes unclaimed property?

The Attorney General website defines unclaimed property as any asset which has remained dormant for an extended period, such as:

Unclaimed wages or commissions.

Savings and checking accounts offer savings and checking account options to account holders.

Stock dividends, insurance proceeds and underlyng share investments or customer deposits or overpayments may all constitute assets to which dividends apply.

Certificates of Deposit, Refunds and Money Orders. Indiana residents can search for indiana unclaimed money and financial assets – such as deposits, overpayments, refunds and insurance proceeds – at indianaunclaimed.gov. It might also be worth researching your family members or other acquaintances; who knows? maybe sharing the payout could lead to shared benefits!

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How much unclaimed money has been distributed this year in Indiana?

As of mid-June, over $37 million had been returned to Hoosiers so far in 2023 according to this website, with claims totaling over $1 million being settled and average payouts around $940. More than $800 million remained unclaimed as of mid-June.

How can I locate unclaimed funds in Indiana?

Search the unclaimed property database using your name or business’s name to see if anything belongs to you.

If you discover anything suspicious on our site, submitting a claim is simple and there’s no charge for getting your money back. Once your claim ID number is provided, you can check its status here.

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How long will it take for me to receive unclaimed funds?

The attorney general site suggests allowing up to 90 days for processing of claims.

How long do I have to claim my money?

According to the State Attorney General FAQs, unclaimed property is held for 25 years before becoming property of the state.

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Can I claim property for someone else?

As someone’s legal heir, you may be eligible to claim assets on behalf of them. Furthermore, you could claim assets on behalf of their business if you own it or have the ability to make financial decisions for it.

Legally, those under the age of 18 can only file claims on behalf of themselves; any younger children can have their parents or guardians file on their behalf.

How can I locate unclaimed property from other states?

If you suspect unclaimed assets from other states, visit missingmoney.com to conduct a wider search.

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How can I reach Indiana Unclaimed Property Division?

Email Updmail@atg.in.gov (for claims) or Updholder@atg.in.gov (for businesses).

Phone numbers to contact for claims include 1-866-462-5246 for claims purposes and 1-317-234-9768 (for reporting unclaimed property).

Contacting Indiana Attorney General’s Unclaimed Property Division for information: Mail to PO Box 2504Gre.