Illinois holds billions in unclaimed assets that could be yours to claim. Illinois residents can search for illinois lost money– such as deposits, overpayments, refunds and insurance proceeds — at

Here is what you need to know about unclaimed property in Illinois.

What constitutes unclaimed property?

Illinois holds unclaimed funds
Illinois holds unclaimed funds

Illinois State Treasurer website defines unclaimed property as any accounts and financial instruments which have gone dormant for an indeterminate amount of time based on property type (for instance: savings accounts). That could include items like:

How much have been distributed to Illinois residents in 2023?

Through May, according to the state treasurer’s office, nearly $91.9 million had been returned back to residents by way of refunds or claims filed with it since January 1, according to figures provided. More than 79,000 claims had been submitted in this timeframe alone.

How much Illinois holds unclaimed funds remain unclaimed?

According to the State Treasurer’s Office, approximately $3.5 billion.

How can I Know about Illinois holds unclaimed funds?

Search unclaimed property by entering either your name or business’s information to see if anything belongs to you.

How can I file my claim against the database?

Submit a claim online without incurring a fee; once you receive an ID number, check its status on the state treasurer’s site.

How long will claims take?

Claims are assessed in chronological order from when they were received at the state’s office and can take anywhere between one and 12 weeks for processing, depending on how many claims were submitted during that same time frame as your claim was received.

Do I have an obligation to submit a claim within a deadline?

No. Unclaimed property is held in trust until it’s claimed, so any time is an appropriate time for filing claims.

How can I locate unclaimed property from other states?

If you suspect unclaimed assets from other states, visit to conduct a comprehensive search for unclaimed assets.