Utilizing Technology to Locate Owners of Unclaimed Money Delaware Based on Recent Tax Filings is One of Several Initiatives Underway in the State to Reclaim Unclaimed Assets to Delawareans.

Statewide, DE (September 12, 2023) – Delaware Escheator Brenda R. Mayrack announced today that Delaware will implement its annual Money Match Program this week to return lost tax money directly back to taxpayers without filing claims or gathering paperwork, returning over $570,000 directly. Over 4,700 checks are set to be mailed this week directly back into taxpayer accounts across Delaware.

“MONEY MATCH illustrates how state government can use technology to directly place funds into the hands of almost 5,000 Delaware taxpayers without needing their involvement other than cashing the check,” according to Mayrack.

MONEY MATCH matches Delaware’s unclaimed money database with verified address and taxpayer data to quickly return unclaimed money back to its rightful owners – without needing to file claims and provide supporting documentation. In many instances, individuals might not even realize they were missing unclaimed funds until their check arrives in the mail.

Delaware has successfully administered its MONEY MATCH Program annually since 2013; to date, over $35,000 Delaware taxpayers have benefitted from it and received over $5 Million as returns.

Delaware Unclaimed Property
Delaware Unclaimed Property

MONEY MATCH is one of several ongoing initiatives by the Delaware Office of Unclaimed Property to increase property returns to owners:

“MissingMoney.com has proven an invaluable asset in our office’s efforts to return property more efficiently,” explained Mayrack. Delawareans can easily search and submit claims for unclaimed property either through our website or missingmoney, which aggregates property data for numerous states.

Unclaimed property may include money left in old bank accounts, uncashed paychecks, unused gift certificate balances, utility deposits that have gone uncollected, insurance payments that were never collected and forgotten stocks or dividends. Businesses must voluntarily turn these amounts over to states after a certain time if no contact between themselves and their property owners can be established.

While MONEY MATCH automatically reconnects many Delaware taxpayers with their unclaimed property, not all types are included. Delawareans should still search for unclaimed property held by Delaware at https://unclaimedproperty.delaware.gov/ or at missingmoney.com/ across 49 states at once.

In 2021, the MONEY MATCH Program was recognized with a Champion Award as part of the 2021 Governor’s Team Excellence Award Recipients.