Estimates suggest one out of every ten individuals in Tennessee has unclaimed funds lying unclaimed. Tennessee, USA — $1.1 billion of unclaimed money lies unclaimed across Tennessee right now – it could be yours!

Tony Binkley from the Better Business Bureau estimates that approximately one out of every ten unclaimed funds remain unclaimed.

These “unclaimed funds” range from just a few bucks up to hundreds, so don’t leave it hanging around; claim it now!

Where does this money come from?

Billions Are Unclaimed in Tennessee
Billions Are Unclaimed in Tennessee

Each year, Tennessee Treasury collects millions of dollars through overpaid bills, savings or checking account deposits, uncashed dividends and other means.

Tony Binkley from the Better Business Bureau described that unclaimed money may come from old bank accounts or credit union accounts, government programs, insurance policies or unclaimed deposits that have gone undelivered due to delays or people forgetting about them – meaning billions are unclaimed in Tennessee; you could be one of its rightful owners!

Billions Are Unclaimed in Tennessee: How Can You Check to See If Any Exists in Your Account? makes searching for unclaimed money tn free and simple; just type your last name or initials along with city/town details to start the claimittn process. If your name has changed over time and doesn’t show up initially, try searching with different versions instead of your initial search attempt; I found my unclaimed funds under my maiden name and old address!

How can You Claim It Once you Have Found a Match

Free and straightforward, you simply submit your information for verification by the government. Check the status of your claim anytime; I received mine within one week!

Tony Binkley with the Better Business Bureau cautioned that when going through this process, make sure that you remain safe. Always ensure the site you are on has ‘https’ in its address – that will add extra security.”

Good thing for them.!