Arizona may be holding onto some of your money.

Could Your Unknown Check Balance Pay Out to You? When money disappears unexpectedly from a checking or savings account or stock holding, an old uncashed check, or the contents of a safe deposit box, could it belong to someone who has passed on and you claim their unclaimed funds arizona?

Arizona state serves as custodian of property that has been abandoned or lost, returning it only if proof can be provided demonstrating ownership.

Here’s how you can discover any unclaimed money or property being held by the state, and get it back.

Arizona unclaimed funds
Arizona unclaimed funds

How can I determine whether my funds have gone unclaimed in Arizona?

Start at the Arizona Department of Revenue, the state’s custodian for unclaimed property. Here you can search their records online to see if any unclaimed funds or items exist that belong to you in its care.

What are my options for searching unclaimed money online?

Visit the Arizona Department of Revenue’s Unclaimed Property search website – – to begin your search, or use as another option.

How can I retrieve unclaimed money in Arizona?

Filing a claim requires filing it with the state Department of Revenue; either online or by visiting their offices at 1600 W Monroe Street in Phoenix.

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How much unclaimed money exists in Arizona?

According to Arizona Department of Revenue estimates, more than $2 billion remains unclaimed as of June. Of that money, $61 million was returned back to Arizonans through various schemes during fiscal year ending June.

Who can claim Arizona’s unused funds?

Claiming funds and property that were yours or owned by a business or nonprofit requires additional paperwork; additionally, you may claim property on behalf of deceased individuals – however this will involve further documentation for this action to take place.

What documentation is necessary to pursue abandoned funds?

To claim money or property that belongs to you, provide proof of photo identification or have a notary sign a claim form. Also submit proof of your Social Security number and address listed on the website – such as driver’s licenses, state tax returns, bank or utility statements and vehicle registration as evidence of original owners (see list here:

What sort of funds could appear on Arizona’s unclaimed funds list?

Arizona maintains a list of inactive bank accounts, uncashed checks, investments such as stocks and bonds, and items stored in safe deposit boxes that haven’t been claimed after one to three years when no owner can be located for them. After being stored by Arizona for 35 years without an auction sale taking place on these items belonging to safe deposit box owners themselves – proceeds of which remain with their rightful owners.

How long will it take to claim unclaimed money in Arizona?

Most claims are handled within 90 days after receipt; however, claims for property such as mutual fund shares or stocks can take longer; up to 120 days according to the Department of Revenue.