Arizona may be holding onto some of your money. There may be funds sitting dormant in an account you forgot you had, from uncashed checks or even from deceased relatives that might be rightfully yours. Arizona serves as the custodian of this type of property and will return it to those with proper documentation to claim it.

Here’s how you can locate any unclaimed money or property held by the state, and get it back.

How can I determine whether I have unclaimed funds in Arizona?

Arizona Unclaimed Funds
Arizona Unclaimed Funds

Start at the Arizona Department of Revenue, the state’s custodian for unclaimed property. Search its records online to see if there’s unclaimed money or property lying around that belongs to you in its custody.

What are the best sites to search for unclaimed money?

Start your search at Arizona Department of Revenue website — – or you may also use as both are national resources.

How can I recover Arizona Unclaimed Funds?

Your claim must be filed with the Arizona Department of Revenue; either online or at their offices located at 1600 W Monroe Street in Phoenix.

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How much unclaimed money exists in Arizona?

According to Department of Revenue figures, more than $2 billion remains arizona unclaimed money. Of this figure, $61 million was returned back to its rightful owners during fiscal year 2017-18 ending June.

Who can claim Arizona Unclaimed Funds?

Claim funds and property that were either your own, owned by your business or nonprofit (with additional paperwork required), or on behalf of others (even dead individuals). However, in these instances the claim must be authorized – more paperwork will likely be involved for such claims.

What proofs are necessary to claim abandoned funds?

To claim money or property that was once yours, provide either a copy of your photo ID or have a notary sign the claim form. Also provide evidence of your Social Security number and address as listed on the website; acceptable forms include driver’s licenses, state tax returns, bank/utility statements and vehicle registration as proof. Please visit for a complete list.

What types of funds could appear on Arizona Unclaimed Funds List?

Arizona Unclaimed Funds keeps track of bank accounts, uncashed checks, investments such as stocks and bonds, as well as items stored in safe deposit boxes for 1 to 3 years when no owner can be located; when this occurs the items are turned over to the state for 35-year storage; any proceeds from sale at auction remain with their respective owners.

How long will it take to receive unclaimed money from Arizona?

Most claims are processed within 90 days after being submitted; however, specific properties like mutual fund shares or stocks can take longer – up to 120 days, as per the Department of Revenue.

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