In this article, Unclaimed money refers to any sum that belongs to you but has gone unclaimed for whatever reason. It could come from bank accounts, tax refunds, pension plans, or life insurance policies; even billions have gone unclaimed just in the US According to estimates, there could be trillions left unclaimed.

If you think there may be unclaimed money waiting for you, the first step should be locating and claiming it. There are various websites available that can assist in this process; however, not all are trustworthy or free; some might charge fees, collect personal information from you, or even try to scam you.

So, what is the best website to find unclaimed money? That depends on what kind of unclaimed funds are in question and their location. In this article, we will explore some of the more well-known and dependable platforms that may assist in helping find and claim any unclaimed assets that have gone unclaimed.

What is the best website to find unclaimed money

Step 1:, another official and free website designed to assist people in searching for unclaimed money in the US, is also supported by NAUPA and features links to each state’s unclaimed property program. makes using unclaimed property easy; all it requires to access its services is selecting your state from a map or list. Once there, Unclaimed will redirect you to that state’s unclaimed property website so you can search for your name and claim any unclaimed funds that might belong to you. Each state may have specific regulations for claiming unclaimed money, so additional documentation or proof may be required before being eligible to claim funds. is a reliable and authoritative website that can assist with finding unclaimed money from any state where you have lived or worked, but due to limitations, it does not permit searching across multiple states simultaneously. As such, each time you resided or worked, you may have to repeat this process separately.

Step 2: is an official, free website designed to assist people in searching for unclaimed money from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, such as savings bonds that have matured and stopped accruing interest. can be used by entering either your Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN), and it will display whether there are any unclaimed savings bonds that match. You can then download a claim form and mail it, along with documents to prove ownership, to the Treasury Department. provides a secure and simple website to help users discover unclaimed savings bonds that belong to themselves or their relatives, but it does not cover other forms of unclaimed Treasury Department money such as tax refunds, stimulus payments, or veterans benefits.

Step 3:, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s official and free website, allows users to search for unclaimed deposits that were insured by them but have yet to be transferred elsewhere or distributed by the FDIC. It enables people with unclaimed accounts from failed banks insured by the FDIC to locate unclaimed funds that remain unspent after these banks failed. allows users to search for unclaimed deposits that match their criteria from failed banks that have closed, then submit an online claim form or reach out directly. For your own safety and the FDIC’s, don’t submit information that could compromise security by sending personal details like your name or state location without your explicit permission; they could potentially reveal unclaimed deposits you could potentially claim that can help make financial resiliency possible for all. is a reliable and user-friendly website designed to assist in the recovery of unclaimed deposits from failed banks, but it does not cover other forms of unclaimed money from banks not insured by the FDIC or that did not fail.

Step 4: is a free and official website to assist individuals in searching for unclaimed pension benefits insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). This search can help locate unpaid benefits from plan sponsors who insured these plans as well.

To use, enter your name, company name, or plan number into its search field and submit. It will then show if any unclaimed pension benefits exist that match up with your information; once found, you can apply online or by mail for your benefits. is an efficient and user-friendly website designed to assist in locating unclaimed pension benefits from insured pension plans, but it does not cover other unclaimed money in retirement accounts such as 401(k), IRAs, or annuities.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: How do I know if a website is legitimate or not?

A: There are certain indicators to help you verify if a website is legit, such as:

1. A website should utilize https for secure connections and display a padlock icon in its address bar.
2. The website should offer a clear privacy policy and terms of service that are easily understood by its visitors.
3. It should not collect unnecessary or sensitive personal data such as passwords, credit card numbers, or SSNs from users.
4. The website doesn’t charge fees or commissions to find or claim unclaimed money.
5. Endorsed by official or reputable organizations, such as NAUPA, the Treasury Department, the FDIC, or the PBGC.

Q: How long does it take to claim unclaimed money?

A: The timeframe for recovering unclaimed funds depends on a number of variables, including their source, amount, location, and documentation needs. On average, it could take anywhere between several weeks and months after filing your claim to receive any unclaimed money you might be due.

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