How to Claim Unclaimed Money in Maryland Unclaimed money refers to any financial asset left behind or forgotten by its rightful owner for any length of time, including bank accounts, stocks, bonds, dividends, insurance policies, utility deposits, or uncashed checks. The Comptroller of Maryland is charged with safeguarding and returning these assets to their rightful owners or heirs.

To recover unclaimed funds in Maryland, simply search online, obtain your claim number, fill out and submit the appropriate claim form, and wait for payment of your check. It is a straightforward process that can help you reclaim what belongs to you. I can provide additional details and resources if desired.

I believe I have an answer for your problem. After searching online for information and resources to assist in claiming unclaimed money in Maryland, I uncovered the official Unclaimed Property Program website, which offers all of this. Furthermore, there’s even an instructional video that breaks down each step in detail. In subsequent paragraphs, I will show you how you can utilize these sources to locate and claim your property.

Steps for Claiming Unclaimed Money in Maryland for Yourself To claim unclaimed money in Maryland, follow these steps:

Final Thought

Claiming unclaimed money in Maryland is an effortless process. Reclaiming lost financial assets such as bank accounts, stocks, or uncashed checks is made possible using the Online Unclaimed Property Search Tool provided by the Comptroller’s office. After you identify your property you must retrieve its claim number before completing and submitting an Unclaimed Property Claim Form (COT-ST912). Approval from the Comptroller could take up to eight weeks but once approved you’ll finally gain access to previously forgotten funds – be proud of this successful venture of financial reclaiming!

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